Our Travelife Journey
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Sustainability practices and policies

Travelife Guidelines on how to explain certification

Travelife for Accommodation is an internationally recognized sustainability certification body that certifies hotels, using an official recognized set of criteria for sustainable travel and tourism. 

To achieve Travelife Gold Certification, our hotels have met over 140 requirements that encompass effective environmental management, ethical labor practices, engagement and support for the local community, animal welfare and continuous improvement based on guest feedback.

How we define sustainability and wish to make a difference

Sustainable Rooms

  • All electrical appliances in vacant rooms are unplugged to save energy.
  • Housekeeping set room temperatures to 25°C after cleaning.
  • We record energy and water consumption, waste production and monitor the data regularly.
  • We encourage guests to save energy by providing them with a card that informs them of the possibility to reuse towels in their rooms or at the pool, along with a recording sheet for housekeeping to monitor this very matter.
  • All water faucets, showers and toilets have water-saving flow rate in water saving standards. 
  • More than 90% lighting in the hotel is LED.

No More Plastic

  • The hotels have replaced plastic straws with bamboo straws, and are sourcing biodegradable/compostable alternatives.
  • All three properties have replaced plastic water bottles with refillable glass bottles and refill stations across the hotels.
  • We do not use plastic bin liners.
  • The hotels have been using reusable glass bottles for in-room drinking water and setting up refill stations hotels wide. 
  • Restaurants use paper bags and biodegradable/compostable containers for take away.

Safe workplace for our team

We take care of our staff not only with decent salaries but also by making sure they are safe within their workplace by providing sufficient training, equipment and tools during their daily missions. We pay great attention to chemical safety by providing PPE (personal protective equipment) and chemical usage instructions for each and every type of chemical; storing them properly. 

An ethical garden

The Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge has dedicated a plot of land for their staff to grow vegetables. Thanks to this, the hotel has constant supply of fresh vegetables and our staff have extra income by selling the products back to the Lodge.

Tackling food waste – Tackling climate change

Food in its production process itself creates already a huge amount of green house gas. To our best, we try to limit the amount of uneaten food by collecting all food waste and keeping them separate. This avoids contaminating other recyclables, therefore increasing the amount of recyclable collection and less general waste ending up at the landfill. 

Recycle & Save

All properties proceed to waste separation and safe storage of hazardous waste. 

The Sanctuary Luang Prabang Hotel, with its location, is happy to have found off-takers for separated waste streams and made extra money by selling these recyclables.

Group Policies and Reports

Find out more about our our corporate social responsability (CSR) policies and how we take action in the promotion of responsible tourism.

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