The Sanctuary Hotels & Resorts group understands the importance of responsible tourism. Therefore, our efforts and actions are continuous, renewed, adapted and long lasting, all with the aim of effectively reducing our carbon footprint.
This involves setting up, training and passing on good practices to our team, our valued guests whilst engaging with partners such as Travelife. Lush jungle, a maze of rivers, chains of karst mountains, extraordinary waterfalls, exceptional fauna; Laos offers a wild, untouched and beautiful nature and we believe it is our duty to preserve it!
Acknowledging, respecting, and protecting the Laotian nature is the commitment that Sanctuary Hotels and Resorts wishes to share with you as we firmly believe that people are the key to delivering change.

Our mission works towards key features:

  • Animal Welfare: Supporting sustainable partners and ethical practices
  • Socio-economic development: Supporting local communities and businesses
  • Environmental sustainability: Reducing our environmental footprint
  • Cultural sensitivity: Heritage preservation


Sanctuary Hotels and Resorts aims to be a leader in the field of plastic consumption reduction and has become a proud partner of the Refillable Bottles Initiative. We wish for our clients to leave a positive footprint within the country and act towards one of the biggest environmental dilemmas in Asia Pacific today.

Within this field of action, guests may now purchase a refillable bottle in all our hotels -or bring one of their own- as to limit single-use plastic bottles and use freely our refill water stations.


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SUSTAINABILITY REPORTs & past achievements

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