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28583996_1841414119490217_1984381178_o_opt.jpgSlow boats leave every day, in the morning in both directions (Luang Prabang or Houexay). They depart around 08:30 and you can take the tickets directly at the pier for the cost of 110,000 kips. As they are no seat numbers on your tickets, we recommend arriving early to get one of the better seats. There is nowhere to stop or buy lunch along the way, although snacks, beers and instant noodles are sold on board.  The ticket costs approximately 110,000 kips

The boats normally arrive to Pakbeng late afternoon (approximately 5 or 6pm)

The Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge suggests a free pick from Pakbeng pier upon arrival.


There are 3 private companies which cruise downstream from Houexay to Luang Prabang via Pakbeng (and vice versa cruise upstream):


  1. Shompoo Cruise:
  2. Mekong Smile Cruise:
  3. Nagi of Mekong:​ 

All boats land directly at the hotel’s pier (complimentary pick up from Pakbeng Pier if necessary when the Mekong level varies not making a direct docking possible). Bookings with these partners may be made with us directly.


Pakbeng bus station is located 2.1 kilometers out of town along the main road. A free transfer is suggested by the Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge upon request.

  • Pakbeng to Oudomxay or Oudomxay to Pakbeng

Bus Pakbeng.jpgThe bus ride to Oudomxay province covers roughly 140 kilometers of winding roads, (approximately 4 hours and a half drive).  The ticket costs 40,000 kips and may be arranged via the Lodge directly.

  • From Oudomxay: Buses depart at 8am
  • From Pakbeng: Buses depart twice a day at 8am and 10am
  • Luang Prabang- Pakbeng

No buses exist between these two towns currently.Sanctuary Car.jpg Private minivan transfers available by the Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge upon request.

Private minivan options are bookable directly with the Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge. We may arrange transfers to the Lao / Thai border at Muang Ngeun, the royal city of Luang Prabang and Oudomxay (including Namkat Yorla Pa Resort)


(max 8 people)

Transport Time Pricing in USD

Luang Prabang – Pakbeng or Pakbeng – Luang Prabang

4h 120 USD
Pakbeng – Oudomxay or Oudomxay – Pakbeng 4h 120 USD

Luang Prabang – Pakbeng – Luang Prabang

4h per way 180 USD
Muang Ngeun – Pakbeng or Pakbeng – Muang Ngeun 1h 50 USD